Circle 15 PRO Pack - 3 Genesis Gloves + 1 Glove Hub PRO

About the Glove Hub PRO: 

The first and only golf glove humidor...the solution to dried out, crusty gloves.  The Glove Hub PRO is a great addition to anyone's golf locker or golf bag that likes premium products and maintaining a premium feel to their glove. 

This model of The Glove Hub is PROUDLY manufactured in the U.S.A. The Glove Hub PRO is made of 100% genuine maple wood, coated with a high traffic finish to ensure durability in any weather conditions.  After your round, simply lay your glove inside The Glove Hub and close the lid. The Hub's patented design will control moisture and humidity levels to prevent overly dried out leather.  This will extend glove life by 3x, while keeping your glove in a soft and playable condition. The days of crusty, dried out gloves are over.


– 10.5″ Length
– 5.5″ Width
– 1.5″ Height

**This product will ship on Monday, December 6th.

About the Genesis Glove: 

Tour players use gloves that are not available to the public... until now. The Genesis was designed to bring a true Tour quality glove to the everyday golfer.

Designed using the knowledge of 25 year Tour veteran Chris Smith, Circle 15 Golf brings this durable ultra premium glove that will provide golfers with a feel and comfort they did not know they were missing. Take your game to the next level with The Genesis. 

  • Ultra premium, highest grade 100% sheepskin leather maximizes softness and durability
  • Tour preferred leather thickness
  • 4 - way stretch material insert on back provides ultimate comfort, mobility and breathability
  • Fully rubber pull tab ensures a more secure connection
  • Built with 25 years of Tour experience
  • Our premium cut and 4 way stretch material results in a true form fitting glove, thus removing the need for cadet sizing



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