The Prominent Standard

The Prominent standard is our unshakeable commitment to players across the world. Everything we do at Circle 15 Golf is done with the intent to build one of the most trusted and respected brands in golf. We are so committed to this mission, that we are willing to put our reputation on the line to prove it with The 365 Guarantee and The Prominent Standard

The Pillars Of The Prominent Standard

Without you, our brand is nothing. Every time you come in contact with us we are committed to providing you with an exceptional and memorable experience. It's that simple.

There is a reason our current product line is small, we planned it that way. We are building our brand brick by brick and in no hurry. We are committed to only putting out products that are going to change the game, not only from a durability standpoint but from an innovation one as well. The products we carry now are expertly crafted, intensely tested, and rigorously monitored to ensure we maintain our goals.

You are choosing our brand and we take that very seriously. We do not intend on you being a one time customer. We want to not only earn your business the first time, but also earn your trust to become your go to golf brand. This doesn't happen without consistently delivering #1 and #2. Earning your trust is our main objective.

Circle 15 Golf, a brand built on prominence and on a never-ending journey to earn the trust of golfers across the world.