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Designed with the knowledge of a 25 year PGA Tour veteran and Champion. The Genesis is made with extra durable, highest grade 0.6mm Cabretta leather, the preferred thickness by most professionals. Featuring 4-way stretch material on the back and double stitching on the seams, making it SUPER soft, ultra durable, and the best fitting glove in golf.

Tested by Tour pros and amateurs, in every climate, and backed by over 900-five star reviews. The Genesis is quickly becoming the go-to glove for golfers around the country.

If this isn't the best performing and most durable glove you have ever used, contact us and we will give you your money back. The ONLY golf glove backed by a guarantee.

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HIGHEST QUALITY, MOST DURABLE GLOVE IN GOLF: The Genesis is handmade by expert craftsmen at the world's most renowned golf glove factory, using only the highest grade 0.6mm Cabretta leather, the preferred thickness by most professionals. This is the optimal leather thickness to consistently achieve the highest grade leather which is not only more durable, but also improves grip. The Genesis uses double stitching throughout the glove to ensure stronger seams. These features makes our gloves SUPER soft, ultra high in quality and more durable than any glove in golf.

4-WAY STRETCH BACKSIDE: While the palm side of the glove is designed to maximize performance, the backside of the glove is designed to maximize comfort, breathability and increase durability. The thick, 4-way stretch Lycra on the back of the hand also provides a better fit and keeps the glove from stretching out and becoming too loose over time.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We believe The Genesis is the best, highest quality and most durable glove in golf. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, please let us know and we will make it right. The Genesis is the only glove in golf, backed by a 365 day guarantee.


What Makes The Genesis The Best Glove In Golf?


We stand by the expert level craftsmanship of The Genesis. Its durability has been proven and is unmatched within the marketplace. Over the last two years we have been humbled by the hundreds of reviews we have received from players all over the world, who continuously say our gloves are the most durable and best performing gloves they have ever used. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of this game changing glove, return it for a refund within one year. We mean it, if something goes wrong, we will do what is right.


We are all golfers at Circle 15 and we know that all players play and practice at different rates. We’re confident our gloves are up to par and can take on whatever level of play you put them through. Having said that, nothing lasts forever or handles every shot. The 365 Guarantee is meant to cover product flaws, failures, or dissatisfaction, not expected wear and tear. The following conditions apply regardless of when you made your purchase, even within the first year.

We cannot accept returns for:

  • Gloves damaged by misuse, negligence, improper care or tearing apart of after your third triple bogey of the day or a missed 3 foot putt
  • Gloves showing extreme abuse or unusual wear and tear
  • Gloves lost (left at the course or on the plane coming home from the golf trip)
  • Gloves with a missing or defaced Circle 15 Logo
  • Repetitive abuse of our return policy, we are doing this with good intent, please don't ruin it

We believe in the honor system when it comes to this policy. Honor this policy the same way you would the unwritten rules of golf and we will do the same for you. Every return will be reviewed by our team and discussed with you directly, together we will come up with a fair solution.

The Prominent Standard

The Prominent standard is our unshakeable commitment to players across the world. Everything we do at Circle 15 Golf is done with the intent to build one of the most trusted and respected brands in golf. We are so committed to this mission, that we are willing to put our reputation on the line to prove it with The 365 Guarantee and The Prominent Standard

The Pillars Of The Prominent Standard

Without you, our brand is nothing. Every time you come in contact with us we are committed to providing you with an exceptional and memorable experience. It's that simple.

There is a reason our current product line is small, we planned it that way. We are building our brand brick by brick and in no hurry. We are committed to only putting out products that are going to change the game, not only from a durability standpoint but from an innovation one as well. The products we carry now are expertly crafted, intensely tested, and rigorously monitored to ensure we maintain our goals.

You are choosing our brand and we take that very seriously. We do not intend on you being a one time customer. We want to not only earn your business the first time, but also earn your trust to become your go to golf brand. This doesn't happen without consistently delivering #1 and #2. Earning your trust is our main objective.

Circle 15 Golf, a brand built on prominence and on a never-ending journey to earn the trust of golfers across the world.